Why Choose Heating Oil Over Gas?

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Choosing a fuel storage tank to power your central heating and hot water has emerged as a hugely popular energy solution in the UK. In fact, with oil being 33% cheaper than the gas alternative, it’s easy to see why over 1.5 million homes in the country are using oil central heating and utilizing the numerous benefits of installing an oil storage tank

But it just doesn’t stop at the economic advantages, either. There are a number of important factors that make oil a superb energy choice. Let’s explore!


It’s a commonly held belief that oil furnaces are less efficient than gas boilers. But this can be largely credited to homes relying on antiquated units with insufficient insulation. By upgrading to a modern heating system, as well as providing adequate insulation, you will experience a significant improvement to the efficiency of your boiler.

Meanwhile, heating oil burns at a much hotter temperature than natural gas, so the rooms in your house will heat up much quicker and use less oil in the process. Heating oil also creates less condensation than gas, meaning that a properly installed oil boiler will last twice as long as its gas counterpart.


While gas is generally cheaper than heating oil, the advantage of a domestic oil supply is that you can control exactly how much you are spending. The cost of oil is forever in a state of flux, so with a bit of savvy purchasing, and bulk buying, facilitated by installing a sufficiently-sized fuel tank on your property, you can make savings in the long run.

Remember that heating oil burns more efficiently than gas, and homeowners will discover that they are more prudent with their usage if they’re managing the output themselves. Switching to heating oil can reduce your energy costs by the simple fact that you will likely use it less.

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Safety is also another important factor to consider when thinking about your fuel choices. It’s imperative that any fuel-burning systems comply with UK safety standards—all the while ensuring that they are regularly maintained and checked by the relevant professional. With that in mind, it’s worth noting that, although heating oil is flammable, it isn’t explosive like gas. It also doesn’t create harmful carbon monoxide when it burns, mitigating any concerns of carbon monoxide poisoning incidents.


For remote and rural locations that have no gas supply line nearby, a properly installed bunded oil tank with oil tank base is a highly practical energy solution. Oil can be delivered to even the most remote of areas in the UK, and there are thousands of heating oil suppliers to be found across the country. So, not only can you shop around for the best price, as competition is fierce, you also have the capacity to bulk buy and not worry about running out of oil in your remote location.

How can CT Tanks help?

If you have any questions about the benefits of choosing oil, or would like to enquire about a new or replacement storage tank, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ve been in the industry for many years now and would be delighted to offer our expertise.

Posted on August 31st 2022

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