What to Do in the Event of an Oil Tank Leak or Spill on Your Property?

oil tank on slab base

There’s no escaping the facts: an oil tank leak can be a costly affair, both in terms of the ecological impact on the surrounding environment and the financial burden involved in any potential clean-up job. 

While preventative measures are always the aim when it comes to oil leaks or spills, it’s essential to know what steps to take if the worst should happen. Here at CT Tanks, we're committed to helping our customers avoid these stressful situations—firstly by assessing whether your current oil tank is in a state of disrepair and in need of replacement, thus mitigating the risk of a leak, then providing the highest-quality oil tanks on the market when the time comes to install a new one.

Preventing oil tank leaks

Proper maintenance of your oil storage tank is key to preventing leaks. For both domestic and commercial properties, regular tank inspections can catch problems before they become serious issues. Meanwhile, storing your oil tank in a closed space on top of a concrete or slab base can prevent potential heating oil spills from soaking into the ground.

Identifying the leak

If you suspect a leak in your heating oil system, it's important to locate the source of the leak as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. Start with the tank itself and look for any signs that oil has seeped into the ground. If all looks clear, follow the pipeline and try to spot any signs of fuel on the heating line and/or on the ground. Finally, assess whether the leak is originating from a valve in your furnace.

leaking steel oil tank

Cleaning up an oil tank leak

If only a small amount of oil has spilled, you can use a spill kit to soak it up. If a large deposit of heating oil has leaked into the environment, however, it's important to contact a professional company to clean up all remnants of oil safely and within environmental legislation. At this stage, it’s almost a given that your property will require a new oil tank installation.

The dangers of oil tank leaks

Heating oil spills are dangerous to the environment and wildlife, and it's crucial to take action immediately if you suspect a leak or spill. While the cost of a cleanup can be expensive, the environmental damage can be irreversible.

How can CT Tanks help?

It’s important to take precautions to prevent oil tank leaks and to know what to do if you suspect a spill has occurred on your property. By taking action early and seeking professional help, you can minimize the cost and environmental impact of these incidents. If you’ve experienced an oil tank leak and would like to enquire about installing a new tank, contact CT Tanks today to learn more about our high-quality products and professional, friendly installation service.

Posted on March 23rd 2023

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