Oil Tank Installation: Leave It To the Professionals!

oil tank on slab base

Installing a new heating oil tank on your property can be a practical and affordable method of keeping your home warm. While the planning, logistics, and actual installation of a high-quality tank and base can be a substantial job—it’s one that can be made easier with the help of a qualified oil tank installation specialist.

Let’s take a look at some of the key considerations for the installation process—so that you feel confident that the right tank is being fitted on your property and that the tank you opt for satisfies all your requirements for a happily heated home.

Finding the right tank

In the world of heating oil tanks, there are a variety of models to choose from, and the type you choose will be dependent on a series of factors, including the size of your property, the level of protection needed, and, of course, your budget. 

Here are two of the most common types of domestic oil tanks on the market:

Bunded oil tank: Bunded tanks have a secondary internal containment system—essentially, a tank within a tank—known as a bund. The ancillary tank is built in, acting as an extra layer of protection if the primary tank leaks. A highly valuable safety feature that makes these tanks a popular choice amongst homeowners. 

Single-skin oil tank: A single-skin tank offers only one layer of protection, which is reflected in the lower price point. While not as common, they are still available to purchase for domestic properties, and can only be installed following strict regulations. 

oil tank in the garden

The importance of a professional installation

The key consideration for any heating oil tank installation is ensuring the process is completed correctly by an industry professional. This is essential for a number of reasons, namely:

To prevent leaks: As well as the exorbitant cost associated with an oil tank leak, it can also be hugely damaging to your property and the environment. A professional installation will ensure that all of the necessary checks have been carried out and severely reduce the chances of a leak. 

To ensure proper functionality: A second-rate tank installation can cause a litany of issues, including a decreased efficiency of your heating system and, in a worst-case scenario, a complete malfunction.

To comply with local regulations: In many areas, there are strict regulations in place to ensure the safe installation of a domestic oil tank. Failure to meet with official guidelines can result in a fine or penalty. 

When choosing a company to install your oil tank, it’s vital to do your research and find an experienced local company with a good reputation. CT Tanks have been installing tanks in the South West for over 25 years. So, when you’re looking for the ultimate assurance when it comes to professional oil tank installation, you can be confident that the job will be done to the highest standards with CT Tanks.

How can CT Tanks help?

If the fundamental aim of oil tank installation is to ensure the job is done correctly—we’d always recommend leaving it to the professionals. While you might be tempted to try and save money by tackling the job yourself, it could end up costing you much more in the long run if there’s an issue. 

For that extra peace of mind, why not contact CT Tanks and see how we can help?

Posted on February 15th 2023

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