4 Creative Ways to Hide Your Oil Tank

oil tank behind brick wall and trellising

While oil tanks are an essential feature for those homes that rely on oil heating, and despite the advances in sleek, modern design, they may not always be the most aesthetically pleasing centrepiece for your garden. Whether you want to entertain guests on your patio or courtyard, or simply enjoy the view of your beautiful garden from your kitchen window, the majority of customers would rather their oil tank installation was well hidden! 

While burying the tank underground is rarely an option for most properties, there are various ways to effectively screen your oil tank to maintain the visual appeal of your outdoor space. Let’s explore some ideas for subtly masking your oil tank, taking into consideration the size and shape of the tank, its location, and the suitable screening materials available.

The natural look: wood trellising or fencing

Wood is a natural and affordable material that can be used to create trellises or fences to screen off the area around the oil tank. You can opt for a more solid fencing profile for complete coverage or choose elegant trellising that can be paired with climbing plants to create a softer aesthetic. Creeping buttercup, with their distinctive yellow foliage, or climbing roses are excellent options for screening in the garden. When selecting plants, however, be sure to choose those that won't grow too vigorously and become difficult to maintain.

Hedges, trees, and foliage

Planting hedges or trees is another effective way to hide your oil tank from view. Evergreen trees or hedges such as yew or holly are popular options as they will maintain their foliage throughout the year, providing dense coverage. While it may take some time for the plants to grow and mature, they will eventually create a natural and visually appealing screen for your oil tank. Bamboo or hazel are also effective choices for quick-growing cover—but do keep in mind their potential for rapid growth and maintenance requirements.

oil tanks with potted plants and trees

Add colour some colour with plant pots

Using plant pots to hide your oil tank is a versatile and customizable option. You can plant tall shrubs or flowers in ceramic or plastic pots and strategically place them around the tank and the concrete or slab oil tank base to divert the attention. You can experiment with different colours and change the plants seasonally to add visual interest to your garden while effectively screening the oil tank.

For added security: brick or stone wall

A brick or stone wall is a durable and visually appealing option for screening your oil tank. You can choose from different colour, shape, and size of bricks or stones to create a wall that complements your garden design. Painted breezeblocks or stone features, for instance, can be a cost-effective solution, but make sure to leave ample space to access the tank in case of maintenance or replacement needs. A brick or stone wall can add a touch of elegance and permanence to your outdoor space while effectively concealing the oil tank.

How can CT Tanks help?

While it's important to ensure that your oil tank is stored safely and meets OFTEC guidelines, you can creatively screen and hide it to maintain the visual appeal of your garden. Whether you choose trellising or fencing, hedges or trees for natural cover, plant pots, or a brick/stone wall for durability, there are various options to suit your style and budget. If you’d like any further advice on finding the best location for your oil tank, while upholding the visual qualities of your garden or outdoor space, please do get in touch.

Posted on April 21st 2023

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