No matter what size your tank is or the location it is in we can help.

All work will be carried out to the highest standards and will comply with current legislation.

If you have an old steel oil tank that is showing signs of age, rusting or even starting to leak, or may be have an old plastic oil tank, it is always best to regularly keep a check on them

Make sure that there is no whitening, cracking or splits appearing as this could in time lead to it leaking, or when checking you may also find there is a bulging or deformation of the tank​

It may be time to think about having your old tank replaced.​...........

  1. The replacement process begins with us pumping out your existing tank into our holding tank.

  2. We can then disconnect and remove the tank for decommissioning, we offer the option for us to take away and dispose of your old oil tank.

  3. If required,  a paving slab base, a concrete base or block piers can be installed to accommodate the replacement tank.

  4. We can also supply and install fire protection for the tank, should it be required to meet the current regulations.

  5. After the clean fuel is pumped back into your replacement tank, the fuel system will be primed and we will make sure that your boiler is running again.