Should you require a new base fitted, depending on where it is maybe raised or at ground level, we dig out and concrete the bases to the suitable dimensions for the tank being used, some tanks require being fitted on raised platforms using raised plinths and paving slab bases where needed.


When preparing the site of your domestic tank, our installers build concrete and slab bases where required to stand your system in good stead and ensure maximum service life, our priority is to keep your property both safe and warm. 

You can be sure that all work will be carried out to a high standard and in compliance with industry requirements.


Whether your oil tank needs new insulated copper piping fitting, or maybe you have a leak at your filter valve outlet, or it could be a case of just wanting to update your old oil monitor gauge, call or email, we can help! 

If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help in any way we can.

These two different types of threaded pipe couplings are used where the oil delivery driver connects onto, where the tank is filled, these help to stop it from over filling.

Contact us now for any replacement oil tank fittings required, replacement filter valves, fill stop or watchman sonic gauge, replacement and relocation of insulated copper pipe work undertaken

Watchman Sonic Transmitter

Watchman Sonic Oil Tank Gauge – This Monitors the contents of your oil tank

in the comfort of your home.

Filter Valve

Filter Valve -- Otherwise known as a service valve which shuts off the oil supply from the tank. Normally found at the tank outlet.

Visual Float

This Visual Float Contents Gauge is a good quality float type gauge that is ideal for most domestic & light commercial fuel and oil storage tanks.